Copy & Paste

TouchMix Training : Copy & Paste

1 ) TouchMix Introduction

2m 3s

2 ) Mixer Navigation

3m 16s

3 ) Simple vs. Advanced Mode

2m 37s

4 ) Preset Libraries

5m 39s

5 ) FX Wizard

5m 59s

6 ) Advanced Effects

4m 16s

7 ) Gain Wizard

3m 8s

8 ) Recording Functions

7m 15s

9 ) Adv. Recording & Playback

7m 15s

10 ) Updating Firmware

4m 20s

11 ) TouchMix 8/16 Firmware v3.0

4m 25s

12 ) RTAs

5m 46s

13 ) Connecting to Wi-Fi

3m 34s

14 ) Feedback Wizard

5m 11s

15 ) Copy & Paste

3m 0s

16 ) TM-30 Pro: Overview

5m 42s

17 ) TM-30 Pro: DAW

4m 44s

18 ) TM-30 Pro: Patch Matrix

5m 37s

19 ) TM-30 Pro: Custom Fader Banks

1m 58s

20 ) TM-30 Pro: External Control

7m 31s

21 ) TM-30 Pro: Auto Mixer

9m 2s

22 ) TouchMix-30 Pro: Scenes, Snapshots and Cue Lists

14m 23s

23 ) TouchMix-30 Pro Control App: Offline Editing

6m 37s

24 ) Assessment

Video Transcript

Copy & Paste 3m 0s
There are lots of occasions when you’re setting up a mix and it would be really handy to copy the settings from one channel or mix to another.
TouchMix-30 Pro has a powerful but simple copy and paste function that will let you copy just what you need – quickly and easily.
Take a look at User Buttons 7 and 8 – you’ll notice that by default these functions are “Copy” and “Paste”. So let’s start big: copying from mix to mix.
If you’d like to copy all the channel strip settings of your Main Mix to one of your Auxes, simply press Copy on the Main Mix screen, navigate to an Aux, and press Paste.
All of your Level settings have been transferred for this monitor mix, and not just for Inputs 1-8 but for all of your input banks.
So let’s say you’re mixing a band with horns and they’ve got three wedges.
All the horn players want pretty much the same stage monitor mix but with more of themselves for each of them.
We can quickly copy our settings to Aux 2 and Aux 3, and now we’re ready to give each of the horn players the desiredount of his own instrument.
You can also copy the settings of one specific channel to another. Let’s say you’ve dialed in one back-up vocal channel and you want two others to be just like the first.
What I want to do is take all the settings from the first channel – EQ compressor, gate, FX sends, monitor sends – and copy them to another channel.
I go to the channel I want to copy and select the channel Overview tab. Here I see all the settings I need so I press the Copy button.
Now I navigate to the channel where I want to duplicate these settings and I press the Paste button. It’s that simple.
But what if I only wanted to copy the EQ from one channel to another with none of the other settings?
Then I just select the channel EQ tab before I push Copy and only the EQ settings will be copied.
You’ve probably noticed that this is a “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” system. Whatever you’re seeing on the screen is what you’re going to copy.
Most anything on the mixer that makes sense to copy and paste can be copied and pasted.
Of course, only “like” things can be copied and pasted from one to the other.
It wouldn’t make any sense to paste a graphic EQ setting to a parametric EQ so TouchMix won’t even try.
And the internal clipboard can remember multiple things.
So if you copy a Mix and then copy a Channel setup, it will paste the Mix when you’re on a Mix screen and the Channel settings when you’re on a channel screen.
Copy and paste. Just One more way the QSC TouchMix-30 Pro goes beyond mixing to help you get great results – fast.

Lesson Description

Copy & Paste 3m 0s

You'll see the powerful yet simple Copy & Paste function of the TouchMix-30.