Q-SYS Online Training!

Lots of options for Q-SYS Online Training!

For over 6 years, QSC has created the most innovative online DSP training program available today. No boring PowerPoint narrated by lifeless presenters! No pointless videos that seem to go on forever. Instead, we offer

  • Real use case world scenarios to make it relevant
  • Skilled (and hilarious) presenters always keep the content moving
  • Modular video keep the content short and to the point
  • Non-linear and completely searchable (we mean, every word in every Q-SYS video has been indexed!)
Three ways to use Q-SYS Online Training

Q-SYS Level One Training: ONLINE

Get your Q-SYS Level One Certification now by following our simple online training program. You’ll watch real-time video demonstrations while you follow along in the Q-SYS Designer software, and then complete some quick quizzes and submit a custom design. Click to start now!

  • Available in multiple languages
  • 4.0 RU Infocomm

Q-SYS Quickstart Tutorials

Level Two Certification is only available through live classroom trainings, but you can still learn advanced Level Two topics through these online video courses. Dig a little deeper and expand your Q-SYS knowledge with these advanced topics.

  • External Control
  • Public Address
  • Dynamic Pairing
  • Notch Feedback Controller
  • Ambient Noise Compensators
  • Firmware Update
  • ... and more!

Q-SYS Level One Training: HYBRID CLASS

Start your Q-SYS Level One training online, and then complete it with actual Q-SYS hardware in a classroom. If you’ve already signed up for a Hybrid Level One class, be sure to complete this training curriculum to prepare for the class first!

  • 4.0 RU Infocomm CTS Program Credits
: Tuesday, 5 September 2017, 4:33 PM