Custom Fader Banks

TouchMix Training : TM-30 Pro: Custom Fader Banks

1 ) TouchMix Introduction

2m 3s

2 ) Mixer Navigation

3m 16s

3 ) Simple vs. Advanced Mode

2m 37s

4 ) Preset Libraries

5m 39s

5 ) FX Wizard

5m 59s

6 ) Advanced Effects

4m 16s

7 ) Gain Wizard

3m 8s

8 ) Recording Functions

7m 15s

9 ) Adv. Recording & Playback

7m 15s

10 ) Updating Firmware

4m 20s

11 ) TouchMix 8/16 Firmware v3.0

4m 25s

12 ) RTAs

5m 46s

13 ) Connecting to Wi-Fi

3m 34s

14 ) Feedback Wizard

5m 11s

15 ) Copy & Paste

3m 0s

16 ) TM-30 Pro: Overview

5m 42s

17 ) TM-30 Pro: DAW

4m 44s

18 ) TM-30 Pro: Patch Matrix

5m 37s

19 ) TM-30 Pro: Custom Fader Banks

1m 58s

20 ) TM-30 Pro: External Control

7m 31s

21 ) TM-30 Pro: Auto Mixer

9m 2s

22 ) TouchMix-30 Pro: Scenes, Snapshots and Cue Lists

14m 23s

23 ) TouchMix-30 Pro Control App: Offline Editing

6m 37s

24 ) Assessment

Lesson Description

Custom Fader Banks 1m 58s

In this video we demonstrate how to create a custom bank of your favorite or most used faders on a single bank quickly and easily using the TouchMix 30 Pro with firmware v2.0 and higher.

Video Transcript

Custom Fader Banks 1m 58s
The fader bank scheme on TouchMix-30 Pro is great. It’s practical and laid out in a linear fashion,
which makes it very easy to navigate between the different banks of faders on your screen. But, what if
you wanted to change which faders were presented to you in a certain bank? Maybe you are only
using a couple of input channels but also need to access an FX fader or a DCA or sub group faders?
In this video we’re going to show you how to use custom fader banks on the TouchMix-30-Pro to get
the most show critical channels of your application in a single bank.
Before we continue, make sure your TouchMix is using firmware version 2.0 or later. If you need
some more information on updating firmware, I’d recommend watching our “How to update your
firmware video”. You can find the link in the description.
To create a custom fader bank, first press the “Menu” button. Now select “Custom Banks” under the
setup section. From this screen you can choose one of three banks to customize at the top of the
screen. It’s a good idea to give the custom bank a name to help stay organized and avoid confusion.
Once the bank is selected and named, press one of the 8 available fader buttons. Now assign which
channel you want that fader to represent using the assignment buttons below. Once you’ve made
your assignments, the change is effective immediately.
To use your new custom fader bank press the “Home” button to return to the main faders and press
the “Custom faders” button in the upper left-hand corner. You will see the faders rearrange according
to the assignments you have selected. The custom bank name is also displayed above the bank
navigation button at the top of the screen. Pressing the “Custom Faders” button again will return the
bank to its default setup. You can toggle back and forth between the default and custom banks as desired.
And that’s it! It’s that simple. Thanks for watching this video. We’ll see you next time.

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Custom Fader Banks 1m 58s