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Latest Content

Hardware Overview

I/O Cards

Added 01-14-18

Discover the different input/output cards available to populate the card slots for Q-SYS Cores and I/O Frames.

Software Overview

Connecting to the Core

Added 09-21-17

Learn the common troubleshooting topics related to connecting to a Q-SYS Core, and how to remedy them.

TouchMix 8/16 Firmware v3.0

TouchMix 8/16 Firmware v3.0

Added 07-17-17

Introducing TouchMix V3.0 for TouchMix-8/16 digital mixers! Version 3.0 includes twenty significant enhancements, making these models far...

會議系統與Core110f (Conferencing with the Core 110f)

攝像 (PTZ-IP Camera and Bridging Setup)

Added 07-06-17


Q-SYS Designer Upgrade Now Available

The newest update to our powerful Q-SYS Designer software is ready for download. Now featuring updated speaker voicings and a revised POTS block for the Core 110f.

Q-SYS Platform Case Study

At the International Motor Show in Frankfurt Germany, integrators used the Q-SYS Platform to process over 500 channels of audio throughout the installation. Meet the experts and hear how they pulled it off!