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Latest Content

Block Controller

Part B: Block Controller B

Added 03-13-18

Learn about sections of the Block Controller, including control change, flow control, if statements, operators, boolean values, and converti...

Block Controller

Part A: Block Controller A

Added 03-12-18

Learn about the Block Controller component through a navigational overview.  In this lesson you'll learn how to manipulate a simple but...

QSC Feature Licensing

Part B: Activating Software Licenses in Q-SYS

Added 02-26-18

Learn how to activate Q-SYS software licenses on a Q-SYS Core processor.

QSC Feature Licensing

Part A: Introduction to Feature Licensing

Added 02-26-18

Learn the advantages of the software licensing feature within the Q-SYS platform, as well as practical demonstrations and use cases for Q-SY...

Q-SYS Designer v7.0 Now Available

Version 7.0 of our powerful Q-SYS Designer software is now ready for download. Software enhancements include the updated Q-SYS UCI Editor, featuring new button styles, layer and font options, and a new color picker. The new Q-SYS Scripting Engine features the powerful Block Controller, allowing a drag-and-drop method for building control scripts within Q-SYS. This update also includes new third-party control plug-ins, giving you access to some of the most commonly used elements of today's modern conference room.

Download Q-SYS Designer

Just Add Camera

We told you… it’s just that simple! If you are looking to integrate professional video hardware with your web conferencing applications, let us show you first hand.

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