Part B: Fader Turns Red

Q-SYS QuickStarts : Intro to Control Scripting
NOTE: Some of the components shown in this video are out-of-date. For instance, the video shows a Custom Controls component wired to a Control Script component, but the latest version of Q-SYS has a Text Controller which is a combination of these two older components. While the scripting shown in this video is still accurate and may be useful, there are also alternative ways to accomplish this task with the Block Controller as well. If you’re interested in these topics, we highly recommend checking out our “Control Training 101” online training curriculum which offers a much deeper dive into control training and scripting than is provided in this video.

2 ) Automatic Camera Preset Recall (ACPR)

13m 16s

3 ) Video Freeze for NV Endpoints

1m 41s

4 ) Camera Streams to NV Series devices

2m 47s

5 ) Q-SYS Security – Introduction and Best Practices

13m 35s

6 ) Integrating Microsoft Teams Room

8m 54s

7 ) Integrating Axon C1

14m 34s

8 ) Bring Your Own Control with Q-SYS

4m 32s

9 ) Feature License Activation

4m 12s

10 ) Q-SYS Video 101 Training

0m 0s

11 ) Block Controller

19m 9s

12 ) Online Connectivity & Security Considerations

12m 37s

15 ) Dynamic Pairing

6m 38s

16 ) Core-to-Core Streaming

8m 23s

17 ) Room Combining

12m 23s

18 ) Notch Feedback Controller

4m 0s

20 ) Intro to Control Scripting

12m 30s

22 ) E-Mailer

6m 30s

Lesson Description

Part B: Fader Turns Red 5m 51s

In this module, you will learn how to write Lua script to adjust a control's appearance. The tutorial goes on the explore more possibilities with simple commands.

Helpful Tips and Definitions

Part B: Fader Turns Red 5m 51s

Debug Output: This area at the bottom of the scripting window will display any errors that are found in your script. The number at the beginning of this error line will let you know what line of your code in which the error was found.

  • You can name your controls and functions anything you like, but be sure you have consistent spelling and capitalization.
  • Search for “Controls.Inputs” in the Designer Help file to find a complete list of editable attributes. You can also find a complete Lua library and many other helpful references in the Help file.