Video Freeze for NV Endpoints

Q-SYS QuickStarts : Video Freeze for NV Endpoints

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Video Transcript

Video Freeze for NV Endpoints 1m 41s
With Q-SYS Designer software version 9.7 or higher, we can freeze a video frame coming from an NV Series video endpoint.
This feature can be pretty helpful in a few different ways. Let’s say I’m showing a PowerPoint presentation, but now I want to show a video clip from my VLC Player.
The problem is . . . my desktop is an embarrassing mess. I know. I have a problem.
But, if I had a video freeze button at my disposal, I could spare my audience from this disaster desktop.
All we need to do is copy the Video Freeze button from the Generic Display component and paste it on our UCI.
It’s important to know that we’re freezing the video at the HDMI output from Q-SYS, so if this output—which is represented here by the Generic Display component—is connected to an HDMI switcher, all source downstream will be frozen as well.
Now when I want to transition, I just hit video freeze, tee up my video through this horrible desktop that nobody can see, and hit unfreeze. There it is. One of my favorites.
Here’s another idea for higher education. Let’s say a professor is using their iPad to drive their lecture.
They can freeze a problem set for their students to work on, and the professor can solve the problem on their own.
When they’re ready to show the answer, all they have to do is unfreeze. Thanks for watching, we’ll see you next time.

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Video Freeze for NV Endpoints 1m 41s