Part A: Build a Room Mockup

Q-SYS QuickStarts : Room Combining

2 ) Automatic Camera Preset Recall (ACPR)

13m 16s

3 ) Video Freeze for NV Endpoints

1m 41s

4 ) Camera Streams to NV Series devices

2m 47s

5 ) Q-SYS Security – Introduction and Best Practices

13m 35s

6 ) Integrating Microsoft Teams Room

8m 54s

7 ) Integrating Axon C1

14m 34s

8 ) Bring Your Own Control with Q-SYS

4m 32s

9 ) Feature License Activation

4m 12s

10 ) Q-SYS Video 101 Training

0m 0s

11 ) Block Controller

19m 9s

12 ) Online Connectivity & Security Considerations

12m 37s

15 ) Dynamic Pairing

6m 38s

16 ) Core-to-Core Streaming

8m 23s

17 ) Room Combining

12m 23s

18 ) Notch Feedback Controller

4m 0s

20 ) Intro to Control Scripting

12m 30s

22 ) E-Mailer

6m 30s

Lesson Description

Part A: Build a Room Mockup 6m 23s

Part A shows how to build a virtual representation of your room, and shows you how to configure the Room Combiner.

Helpful Tips and Definitions

Part A: Build a Room Mockup 6m 23s

BGM: Background Music

Config Field: Enter the numbers of the rooms you wish to combine, separated by a space.

  • You can only configure the Room Combiner while running on a Core or in Emulation Mode.
  • Use the Polygon Tool from the Graphic Tools in the Right-Side Pane to build your rooms.
  • Label your rooms and walls for easy reference by clicking the element and typing a name.