TouchMix 8/16 Firmware v3.0

TouchMix Training (Italiano) : TouchMix 8/16 Firmware v3.0

1 ) Introduzione al TouchMix

2m 3s

2 ) Navigazione del mixer

3m 16s

3 ) Modalità semplice / avanzata

2m 37s

4 ) Librerie di preset

5m 39s

5 ) FX Wizard

5m 59s

6 ) Effetti avanzati

4m 16s

7 ) Procedura assistita del guadagno

3m 8s

8 ) Funzioni di registrazione

7m 15s

9 ) Adv. Registrazione e riproduzione

7m 15s

10 ) Aggiornamento del firmware

4m 21s

11 ) TouchMix 8/16 Firmware v3.0

4m 25s

12 ) TM-30 Pro: Panoramica

5m 42s

13 ) TM-30 Pro: Procedura guidata di feedback

5m 11s

14 ) TM-30 Pro: Copia e incolla

3m 0s

15 ) TM-30 Pro: DAW

4m 44s

16 ) TM-30 Pro: RTAs

5m 46s

17 ) TM-30 Pro: Patch Matrix

5m 37s

18 ) Valutazione

Trascrizione Video

TouchMix 8/16 Firmware v3.0 4m 25s
What do you get when you combine the incredible power and technology from the TouchMix-30 Pro
with the elegant and compact form factor of the TouchMix-8 and -16?
Introducing the brand new TouchMix Version 3.0 for the TouchMix-8 and 16.
Version 3 introduces an amazing 17 new features to the 8 and 16, making it by far the most powerful,
yet easy-to-use mixer on the planet.
Along with some of the most requested features from the TouchMix-30 Pro,
we’ve also thrown in a couple of new additional features.
Ready to learn what's new? Let's go!
Updated Graphics. The first thing that you’ll notice is that the look and feel of the TouchMix-30 Pro
graphical interface is now implemented on the TouchMix-8 and 16.
Aux Mix Select. To make navigation of the mixer even easier, Aux Mix select buttons have been added
to the left side of the screen for one-touch access for all the monitor mixes.
Channel Overview. With the new Channel Overview screen, you can see all the important settings
for a channel at once.
Feedback Wizard. Do you hate feedback? We do too. That’s why we love that the Feedback Wizard has been
added to version three. And now there is eight anti-feedback filters for every output.
Let the Wizard set them or take control yourself.
Room Tuning Wizard. Everybody loves the Room Tuning Wizard and now it’s yours on the TouchMIx-8 and 16.
Tablet Follows Mixer. OK, check this out. Whenever you select a fader on the mixer,
that channel’s settings are displayed on your tablet. Want to see channel overview? EQ?
Just select the channel and you’re there. Of course, you can turn this off and have separate controls instead,
but, way cool, right?
Additional User Buttons. While we’re on the subject of the tablet, check out the additional four User buttons
for programming your most important go-to mixer functions.
To help set your EQ, there’s a Real-Time Analyzer available on all input and output EQ displays.
There’s only one, versus the two that are on the TouchMix-30 Pro, but c’mon… you get an RTA!
Copy and Paste. Fast and easy. Copy entire channel settings, mixes, EQ or compressor and limiter settings
from one channel to another.
Output Parametric EQ. Do you prefer a parametric or a graphic EQ on your output?
Now we’ve got you covered both ways with your choice of a 6-band parametric EQ or a 1/3 octave
graphic EQ on each output.
Balanced Mono for Aux 7/8 and 9/10. Speaking of outputs, if you’ve got a TouchMix-16,
you can now configure stereo outputs seven/eight and nine/ten as balanced mono outputs.
Really handy to drive a couple more wedges.
K.2 Series Presets. The K.2 Series features presets for a wide range of applications.
TouchMix now offers the same settings right on the mixer. So you can leave your K.2 speakers set to the
default settings and recall the preset you want on your mixer.
Input Delay. Syncing to video? Doing a large venue event? You now have up to 100 ms of delay on each input.
Channel Safe. Need to make several scene changes during a show but want to protect certain channels from
being changed? Lock them down with channel safe.
MP3 File Playback. You asked for it, you got it. Just plug in a USB stick loaded with MP3 files and you’re ready
to roll with background tracks or break music.
No computer? No problem. Now the TouchMix-8 and 16 directly prepare attached USB drives for recording
and playback in the proper FAT 32 format. No 3rd party utility or computer needed.
Direct Download for Updates. Last but not at all least, once you have Version 3 installed on your TouchMix,
your mixer will check for updates whenever it’s connected to the Internet and give you the choice of updating
now or later, directly, or to a connected hard drive. Now you’ll always be equipped with the most up-to-date
TouchMix firmware available.
So, how did we do? Nice, right? You want it, right? Just go to and download the update and it’s yours.
Did we mention that it’s FREE? What are you waiting for?
Go “Beyond Mixing” and discover everything that the new TouchMix Version 3 has to offer.
We’ll see you next time.

Descrizione della lezione

TouchMix 8/16 Firmware v3.0 4m 25s

Presentazione di TouchMix V3.0 per mixer digitali TouchMix-8/16! La versione 3.0 include venti migliorie significative, rendendo questi modelli tra i mixer compatti più potenti e completi sul mercato ma comunque semplici da usare. Sono state implementate molte funzioni precedentemente disponibili esclusivamente sul TouchMix-30 Pro, tra cui:

-        Anti-Feedback Wizard

-        Room-Tuning Wizard

-        Real-Time Analyzer (RTA)

-        Copia e incolla

-        Riproduzione di file MP3 su un'unità USB

-        Input Delay Output PEQ

-        Guadagno digitale di 15 dB

-        Panoramica del canale

-        Formattazione USB Drive

-        Miglioramento della grafica e dello schermo (simile a TM-30 Pro)


Sono inoltre disponibili nella versione 3.0 le seguenti funzioni aggiuntive:

-        Channel Safe

-        Tap Tempo

-        Tablet Follows Mixer

-        Quattro pulsanti utente aggiuntivi (su tablet collegato)

-        Possibilità di configurare Aux 7/8 e Aux 9/10 come output bilanciati mono (TouchMix-16)

-        Simulazione preset di serie K.2

-        Controllo del sistema, che offre il download diretto degli aggiornamenti quando il mixer è connesso a Internet.

-        e molto altro….


Gli aggiornamenti del firmware sono disponibili come download gratuito all'indirizzo

 Nuove versioni sempre migliorate dell'applicazione TouchMix Control per iOS e Android sono disponibili anche nei rispettivi app-store.

Download e link

TouchMix 8/16 Firmware v3.0 4m 25s