TM-30 Pro: Panoramica

TouchMix Training (Italiano) : TM-30 Pro: Panoramica

1 ) Introduzione al TouchMix

2m 3s

2 ) Navigazione del mixer

3m 16s

3 ) Modalità semplice / avanzata

2m 37s

4 ) Librerie di preset

5m 39s

5 ) FX Wizard

5m 59s

6 ) Effetti avanzati

4m 16s

7 ) Procedura assistita del guadagno

3m 8s

8 ) Funzioni di registrazione

7m 15s

9 ) Adv. Registrazione e riproduzione

7m 15s

10 ) Aggiornamento del firmware

4m 21s

11 ) TouchMix 8/16 Firmware v3.0

4m 25s

12 ) TM-30 Pro: Panoramica

5m 42s

13 ) TM-30 Pro: Procedura guidata di feedback

5m 11s

14 ) TM-30 Pro: Copia e incolla

3m 0s

15 ) TM-30 Pro: DAW

4m 44s

16 ) TM-30 Pro: RTAs

5m 46s

17 ) TM-30 Pro: Patch Matrix

5m 37s

18 ) Valutazione

Trascrizione Video

TM-30 Pro: Panoramica 5m 42s
The TouchMix-30 Pro represents a new standard for performance in a live sound reinforcement digital mixer.
It has the features and functionality that will satisfy the most demanding professional while also providing the TouchMix Series’ intuitive workflow
delivering great results, quickly and easily, to users at every level of experience.
The TouchMix-30 Pro has a total of 32 inputs including 24 mic/line inputs
plus 6 full-featured line inputs and MP3 playback on a USB input.
There’s also a dedicated talkback input so you won’t have to give up a channel if you want to talk to the stage.
On the output side, there are 16 total outputs – Main left / right plus 14 auxes.
In addition there’s a left/right monitor output that can be used to drive a monitor system at the mix position.
In looking at the TouchMix-30 Pro, you can see that impressively, all of this fits in a package that’s about the same size as many 16 input mixers.
We’ve created an entire series of videos covering all of the new features of the TouchMix-30 Pro
which will show you how to quickly and easily get the most out of your mixer.
Here’s a brief overview of these new features:
One of the new “pro” features we’re introducing with the TouchMix-30 Pro is a built in Real Time Analyzer – or RTA.
The equalizer screens for all input and output channels can display an RTA.
There’s also a second RTA – great to run on a tablet device. There’s even an optional rack for your tablet.
What’s great about the second RTA is that you can look at any of the mixer outs or the Cue signal – or even a room mic via the Talkback microphone input.
And of course, we should mention that there are remote control apps for both iOS and Android tablets and smartphones.
If you’re into recording, here’s something you are going to like. In addition to 32-channel direct-to-USB multi-track recording
the TouchMix-30 Pro also connects to Digital Audio Workstations running on Apple Mac computers.
That makes this live sound reinforcement mixer also a 32 by 32 digital audio interface.
As everyone knows, feedback is the nemesis of live sound system operators – and their audiences.
The TouchMix-30 Pro adds a powerful Anti-Feedback wizard that can automatically ring out your system for maximum gain before feedback.
It uses the 12 tunable notch filters provided on every mixer output.
Speaking of set up and help, TouchMix-30 Pro features a room tuning wizard that assists in room equalization.
It tells you where to place the microphone and lets you select a target tuning curve.
Another new feature is Copy and Paste.
This function lets you copy an entire mix, a complete channel setting, or just a single EQ, compressor, or gate and paste it somewhere else.
It’s simple to use because what you see is what you get.
If the is displaying an aux mix, just copy it, select another aux mix and paste it. It’s just that easy.
Also new with the TouchMix-30 Pro is the Patch Matrix.
It makes it easy to send a single input to multiple channels or to rearrange the patching of the mixer.
Operation is incredibly simple – just touch and route.
The main interface on the TouchMix-30 Pro is this large, 10 inch, advanced multi-touch display.
The extra screen space gave us room to add one of our favorite features – the Aux Mix select buttons.
These buttons show the names and numbers of all the auxes so flipping from one mix to another is incredibly fast and easy.
The larger screen also can display the Channel Overview.
Now there’s a single screen that shows all the settings for an input or output channel at once.
For the last of “what’s new”, the TouchMix-30 Pro features 8 sub groups with individual EQ and compression on each.
Beyond new features, the TouchMix-30 Pro also offers many additional refinements and enhancements.
For instance, it has 6 onboard effects and all the outputs now have a 1/3 octave graphic EQ plus a 6 band parametric EQ.
So, which TouchMix is right for you? Here’s what to consider.
Start with your input and output channel count. If it looks like you’d be close to filling up a TouchMix-8, choose the TouchMix-16.
And if you’re close to using all the inputs and/or outputs on a TouchMix-16, you should seriously consider the TouchMix-30 Pro.
Nobody has ever been sorry they got a mixer with too-many inputs and outputs.
Beyond channel count, the new features on the TouchMix-30 Pro might drive your decision. In review, the new features are:

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TM-30 Pro: Panoramica 5m 42s

Le caratteristiche, la funzionalità e il flusso di lavoro intuitivo del TouchMix-30 Pro soddisfano i più esigenti professionisti.

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TM-30 Pro: Panoramica 5m 42s