Darryl Jones

K & KW Series Training : KfM Artist Profiles

1 ) K for Musicians

0m 0s

2 ) Active System Advantage

1m 15s

3 ) K Series Product Intro

2m 0s

4 ) Lightweight & Portable

0m 32s

5 ) KW Series Product Intro

2m 17s

6 ) Features & Benefits

0m 0s

7 ) DMT™ Technology

2m 58s

9 ) Accessories

1m 36s

10 ) KfM Artist Profiles

2m 45s

11 ) KfM System Examples

0m 0s

12 ) Assessment

Lesson Description

Darryl Jones 1m 5s
"Because I am involved in a lot of different kinds of music--rock and roll, electronic jazz, sounds with synth bass, solo projects with effects-- I always try to find the sound that fits the music I am playing. I find that I can use the QSC rig for really big sounds like synth bass and bass with lots of effects, sequences that I am playing along with. This works great because the rig is full range. For some of the other things that I am doing, I need a more of a pure, really clean, clear, powerful sound. That’s one of the things that led me to QSC."

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Darryl Jones 1m 5s