K Series Powered Loudspeakers

K & KW Series Training : K Series Product Intro

1 ) K for Musicians

0m 0s

2 ) Active System Advantage

1m 15s

3 ) K Series Product Intro

2m 0s

4 ) Lightweight & Portable

0m 32s

5 ) KW Series Product Intro

2m 17s

6 ) Features & Benefits

0m 0s

7 ) DMT™ Technology

2m 58s

9 ) Accessories

1m 36s

10 ) KfM Artist Profiles

2m 45s

11 ) KfM System Examples

0m 0s

12 ) Assessment

Tips and Definitions

K Series Powered Loudspeakers 2m 0s
  • K Series loudspeakers are constructed from ABS, the same material used in football helmets.
  • All models feature the same power module.  This is the "Best, Best Best!" approach.
  • The main difference between models is COVERAGE PATTERN and LOW-END EXTENSION.
  • K10 & K12 make great stage monitors!
  • K Series Totes are a great companion and an easy upsell.

Downloads and Links

K Series Powered Loudspeakers 2m 0s