DMT™ Technology

K & KW Series Training : DMT™ Technology

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2 ) Active System Advantage

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6 ) Features & Benefits

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7 ) DMT™ Technology

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Lesson Description

DMT™ Technology 2m 58s
Enables smooth coverage across the intended listening area

Video Transcript

DMT™ Technology 2m 58s
Let's take a look at the conventional approach to wave guide design
versus QSCs Diractivity Matched Transition. Let's start with the conventional loudspeaker approach
Different woofers carry different converage angles. The problem is- most manufacturers
The problem is- most manufacturers don't match the pattern of the high-frequency device
with that of the low-frequency device.
as a result, listeners won't hear the balanced response if they're outside the sweet spot
In out sample performance venue, this means that listeners who are horizontally off axis
Will miss out on the critical section of the mid-range
which is responsible for the intelligibility of the vocals
the man sitting in the sweet spot is enjoying full audio spectrum
While the gentleman outside the sweet spot is struggling to understand the vocals
Now, let's look at QSCs DMT approach to coverage
DMT matches the coverage of the high-frequency and low-frequency devices at the corssover point
As a result, the critical vocal range remains far more uniform across the coverage area
Now the two gentleman in out venue are enjoying the same audio experience

Tips and Definitions

DMT™ Technology 2m 58s

QSC’s DMT ™ Advantage: DMT matches the natural high-frequency coverage angle of the woofer to the compression driver at crossover frequency.

Midrange won’t dropout at the crossover point:  KLA’s smooth transition from LF to HF provides consistent audience coverage and power response across the listening plane. The critical mid-range frequencies found in vocals and solo instruments don’t get lost on the edges!

The Result:  This provides smooth coverage across the intended listening area. Your audience hears the full frequency spectrum of the program.

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DMT™ Technology 2m 58s