SysNav App: Using the AIM module

L Class Training Series : SysNav App: Using the AIM module

1 ) Introduction to L Class

5m 47s

2 ) LA108/LA112 User Interface

5m 27s

3 ) RapidDeploy™

5m 18s

4 ) Array Frame Deployment

5m 24s

5 ) Ground Stack Deployment

6m 18s

6 ) Pole Mount Deployment

2m 8s

7 ) AWARE™

7m 6s

8 ) System Navigator (SysNav) App: Connecting to the system

4m 16s

9 ) SysNav App: Controlling and monitoring an L Class system

4m 36s

10 ) SysNav App: Using the AIM module

10m 30s

11 ) L Class Assessment

Lesson Description

SysNav App: Using the AIM module 10m 30s

In this module we dive into the powerful world of Array Installation Modeling (AIM) software within the SysNav app. This comprehensive training video is designed to empower users with the skills and knowledge needed to harness the capabilities of AIM for creating precise digital models of performance venues and optimizing L Class line array loudspeaker configurations. By the end of this module, participants will be equipped with the skills to confidently use AIM software for creating accurate digital models of performance venues, configuring L Class line array loudspeakers, to get the best possible performance out of an L Class system.