Using a K.2 loudspeaker as a floor monitor

K.2 Series Training : Floor Monitor Setting

1 ) K.2 Series Introduction

1m 37s

2 ) Back Panel Navigation

1m 53s

3 ) Floor Monitor Setting

1m 32s

4 ) Pairing a K.2 With A Subwoofer

1m 35s

5 ) K.2 as an Instrument Amplifer

1m 48s

6 ) K.2 for Acoustic Guitar and Vocals

1m 24s

7 ) K.2 Dance Preset

1m 13s

8 ) Directivity Matched Transition (DMT)

1m 19s

9 ) Power Efficiency

1m 8s

10 ) K.2 Final assessment

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Using a K.2 loudspeaker as a floor monitor 1m 32s

Learn how to use the floor monitor setting on a K.2 series loudspeaker. 

Video Transcript

Using a K.2 loudspeaker as a floor monitor 1m 32s
Hi everybody, this is Chris from QSC here
today to talk to you about how to use your K.2 speakers as live stage monitors
We've got our full band setup and ready to go
But we have a couple of factory preset options we're gonna look at
so you make sure to get the right preset choice for your particular setup. Let's check it out
In this configuration, we’re going to use our K8.2 as our front vocal monitor
we're going to select our Stage Monitor 1 preset in here, which is optimized for use with a vocal microphone
We do that by using our enter button to select "Preset". Scroll down to Stage Monitor 1.
Select it, and then we can back out with the exit button
Now our K8.2 is optimized for use with vocals
For our drums and our keyboard monitors, we're going to use the Stage Monitor 2 preset
which is optimized for instruments that need a little more low end extension on their monitor mix
So now that we have the correct stage monitor preset selected for each member of the band
our on-stage system is stable and less prone to feedback
and we didn't have to use any external EQ or mixer EQ to get his kind of sound
So now that they're all up and running, we can let em roll!


Using a K.2 loudspeaker as a floor monitor 1m 32s