K.2 Series Dance preset

K.2 Series Training : K.2 Dance Preset

1 ) K.2 Series Introduction

1m 37s

2 ) Back Panel Navigation

1m 53s

3 ) Floor Monitor Setting

1m 32s

4 ) Pairing a K.2 With A Subwoofer

1m 35s

5 ) K.2 as an Instrument Amplifer

1m 48s

6 ) K.2 for Acoustic Guitar and Vocals

1m 24s

7 ) K.2 Dance Preset

1m 13s

8 ) Directivity Matched Transition (DMT)

1m 19s

9 ) Power Efficiency

1m 8s

10 ) K.2 Final assessment

Lesson Description

K.2 Series Dance preset 1m 13s

In this video, learn how to use the K.2 Series powered loudspeakers with the Dance Preset for DJ applications and music playback applications. So you can boogy all night!

Video Transcript

K.2 Series Dance preset 1m 13s
Hi everybody, Chris here from QSC
in this video we're going to show you how to use your K.2 speakers for your mobile DJ setup
There's a lot of on board factory presets in the K.2 series
but, for mobile Djs, we recommend the "Dance" preset
The "Dance" preset was designed to give you articualte high's, smoothed out mids,
and extended lows, so that you don't need to use a subwoofer with your top boxes,
to have the enhanced low-end that get's the party going.
All you have to do is plug the main outputs of your DJ mixer into input A on the back of each speaker
Make sure it's set to line input and select dance in the preset menu.
In addition to that, you have a 4-band parametric EQ that you can save in a scene
to recall at a later time, if you want to further tailor your sound.
now that we've got our mixer plugged in and our dance preset selected, we can let our DJ get to work.


K.2 Series Dance preset 1m 13s