K Family Power Efficiency

K.2 Series Training : Power Efficiency

1 ) K.2 Series Introduction

1m 37s

2 ) Back Panel Navigation

1m 53s

3 ) Floor Monitor Setting

1m 32s

4 ) Pairing a K.2 With A Subwoofer

1m 35s

5 ) K.2 as an Instrument Amplifer

1m 48s

6 ) K.2 for Acoustic Guitar and Vocals

1m 24s

7 ) K.2 Dance Preset

1m 13s

8 ) Directivity Matched Transition (DMT)

1m 19s

9 ) Power Efficiency

1m 8s

10 ) K.2 Final assessment

Lesson Description

K Family Power Efficiency 1m 8s

An explanation of the power efficiency of K series loudspeakers

Video transcript

K Family Power Efficiency 1m 8s
Let's face it- Sometimes there are a limited number of electrical outlets.
Especially in pre-existing structures
That's why it's so important for installers to optimize any and all electrical outlets.
A big advantage of utilizing a K family loudspeaker in an installation,
is the incredibly efficient power draw of the Class-D amplifier.
Pop-quiz! - Which of these sets of items draws the least amount of current?
In fact- the amp module in the K familiy is so efficient that up to 5 K familiy loudspeakers can
be powered off a single 15 amp, 120 volt AC circuit.
In periods of non-use, K family loudspeakers will automatically enter standby mode
Further reducig current draw and making you installation energy-efficient.


K Family Power Efficiency 1m 8s