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Video Transcript

Flex Channels 2m 18s
Certain Q-SYS appliances like the Core 110f have a unique,
best-in-class analog audio connection technology called flex channels that let the integrator
designate a connection as an input or as an output. The Core 110f, for instance, has 8 of these flex channels
in addition to 8 fixed analog inputs and 8 fixed analog outputs.
Let’s take a look at how the directionality of these
flex channels are managed in the Q-SYS Designer software.
Start off by dragging your Flex In and Flex Out components from the Inventory panel into the Schematic.
At first glance, this block looks like it's got 8 input channels and 8 output channels.
But each of these pins is individually selectable to be active as either a Flex In or a Flex Out channel,
making it only active on one of these components at a time.
You make this selection in their respective control panels, so let’s double-click the components.
I’ll also enter emulation mode so I can make these adjustments.
The very first row indicates the directionality of each channel.
If the blue light is active here in the Flex In control panel, then the channel is being used as an Input.
If I go to the Flex Out - Flex Out! Nobody wants that. If I go to the Flex Out Control panel you’ll notice that all of the lights are off.
If I activate Channel 1 as an output, then you’ll notice that its light turns off in the Flex In control panel.
Obviously, each channel can only be active in one control panel at a time.
You’ll also notice that these buttons can only be activated – you can’t deactivate it by clicking on it again.
To deactivate Channel 2 as an input, for instance, you need to enable it as an output.
Just be aware that changing these settings does not alter the number of pins on the component.
If you’re not careful, you might accidentally wire audio to a Flex Out channel,
for instance, that’s actually configured as an input.
That’s it – once you decide if each channel is an Input or an Output,
Q-SYS handles the configuration of that connection. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you next time.

Lesson Description

Flex Channels 2m 18s

Learn how to configure Flex Channels to serve as either an input or an output for your audio.

Tips and Definitions

Flex Channels 2m 18s

Flex Channels: Can be individually switched between line inputs and line outputs within the Q-SYS Designer Software.

  • Remember, when a flex channel is enabled as an input it will be turned off as an output. The same is true for the reverse situation.