Product Pillars

PLD & CXD Training : Product Pillars Introduction

1 ) Introduction

2m 15s

2 ) An Inside Look

3m 12s

3 ) Product Pillars Introduction

3m 30s

4 ) FAST Innovation

2m 50s

5 ) Front Panel Navigation

3m 2s

6 ) Inputs/Outputs & EQ Processing

4m 7s

7 ) Preset Wizard & Speaker Wizard

4m 21s

8 ) Amplifier Navigator Software

3m 4s

9 ) Assessment

Helpful Tips and Definitinos

Product Pillars 3m 30s
  • FAST allows you to choose how to distribute power across 1, 2, 3, or all 4 output channels in many combinations.
  • Real Useful DSP or Digital Signal Processor offers a number of options for full optimization of almost any loudspeaker setup.
  • These Amplifiers provide all the essential processing without requiring a separate outboard device.
  • Custom output devices specifically designed for these new Amplifiers. 
  • These output devices are built to enable high voltage operation without needing a full bridge, while providing superior audio quality and thermal performance due to the co-location of the semiconductors.
  • The user experience is unparalleled and offers full control with the built in front panel interface.
  • Each Amplifier comes with a Preset Wizard that configures the Amplifiers Channel Configuration based on the user selected parameters including desired power and impedance.

Downloads and Links

Product Pillars 3m 30s