An Inside Look

PLD & CXD Training : An Inside Look

1 ) Introduction

2m 15s

2 ) An Inside Look

3m 12s

3 ) Product Pillars Introduction

3m 30s

4 ) FAST Innovation

2m 50s

5 ) Front Panel Navigation

3m 2s

6 ) Inputs/Outputs & EQ Processing

4m 7s

7 ) Preset Wizard & Speaker Wizard

4m 21s

8 ) Amplifier Navigator Software

3m 4s

9 ) Assessment

Helpful Tips and Definitions

An Inside Look 3m 12s
  • Each Amplifier has 4 amplifier channels. Both channels A & B versus C & D are separated by their own heat sinks in order to more efficienctly cool the system.

  • Flexible Amplifier Summing Technology allows for a variation of channel outputs with a range from 4-Channels to a single Channel.

  • The newly designed onboard DSP board provides all necessary EQ while providing QSC's signature Intrinsic Correction to maximize the sonic performance of attached QSC loudspeakers.

  • Power Factor Correction Technology or PFC converts AC into DC and is used to charge the Amplifier's Power Capacitors.

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An Inside Look 3m 12s