Directivity Matched Transition (DMT)

KLA Series Training : Part F: DMT™ Technology

1 ) Part A: The House of K Explained

0m 0s

2 ) Part B: The Active System Advantage

1m 15s

3 ) Part C: KLA Series Product Introduction

3m 8s

4 ) Part D: Efficient Power

1m 7s

5 ) Part E: Ar-Q™ and DEEP™

0m 0s

6 ) Part F: DMT™ Technology

1m 18s

7 ) Part G: Deployment & Coverage Angles

2m 24s

8 ) Part H: Assessment

Helpful Tips and Definitions

Directivity Matched Transition (DMT) 1m 18s
  • QSC’s DMT ™ Advantage: DMT matches the natural high-frequency coverage angle of the woofer to the compression driver at crossover frequency.

  • Midrange won’t dropout at the crossover point:  KLA’s smooth transition from LF to HF provides consistent audience coverage and power response across the listening plane. The critical mid-range frequencies found in vocals and solo instruments don’t get lost on the edges!

  • The Result:  This provides smooth coverage across the intended listening area.  Your audience hears the full frequency spectrum of the program.


Directivity Matched Transition (DMT) 1m 18s