The House of K Explained

KLA Series Training : Part A: The House of K Explained

The House of K offers a solution for every audio need:

  • Portable P.A. Sound customers like DJs or bands will appreciate K Family's light weight, high output and  Tilt-Direct™ feature.
  • Installed Sound customers working with a House of Worship, gymnasium or other small/medium sized venues will value K Family's flexible mounting options, power efficiency, and reliability.
  • Rental Sound customers who own their own local rental company will appreciate K Family's simple operation, high output, compact footprint,  purchase price and long-term reliability.

1 ) Part A: The House of K Explained

0m 0s

2 ) Part B: The Active System Advantage

1m 15s

3 ) Part C: KLA Series Product Introduction

3m 8s

4 ) Part D: Efficient Power

1m 7s

5 ) Part E: Ar-Q™ and DEEP™

0m 0s

6 ) Part F: DMT™ Technology

1m 18s

7 ) Part G: Deployment & Coverage Angles

2m 24s

8 ) Part H: Assessment

Lesson Description

The House of K Explained 0m 0s

Learn about the House of K!


The House of K Explained 0m 0s