“Control and UCI Fundamentals” provide the fundamental skills required to build a control system in a hands-on Q-SYS environment. This class will cover user interface design, control system logic, and how to leverage feedback in Q-SYS to build a simple and dynamic control system. Much of the class will be familiar to those who are already Control and/or Level 2 certified, so be aware that those who have earned any of those certifications will find this course to mostly just be review. This class teaches students how to transform a provided DSP audio design to a full working control system in a single day!

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  • Basics of control signal types in Q-SYS
  • How to source control elements for your Design
  • User Interface creation in Q-SYS
  • Use CSS and the UCI Remap tool to quickly and easily deploy and re-produce user interfaces

Class Details

  • Prerequisites: Q-SYS Training Level 1 Certification
  • Length: 6 hours
  • Cost: Free!

  • Available as 2 daily three-hour consecutive sessions, or a single day seven-hour session (with a one hour lunch break)


  • 3 units (upon successful submission of completed design)

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