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Learn the basics at home!

You’ll navigate through the Q-SYS Designer software, and learn about the essential Q-SYS components involved in assembling your physical inventory, routing audio and building basic user control interfaces.

Real-time, dynamic demonstrations!

No boring videos here. Our fast-paced demonstrations are 5 minutes or less, highly visual and hosted by seasoned QSC educators, and presented in real-time.

Multiple Languages Available

Q-SYS Training is available in English, Spanish and Chinese with more languages planned for future release.


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Need to get a little deeper with your specific application? These advanced videos cover more specific installations needs.  Topics include:

External Control, Softphone Integration, Public Address, Core-to-Core Streaming, Dynamic Pairing, Emailer, and more!


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Two-day course taught by Q-SYS trainers

One-on-one instruction from advanced application engineers and trainers who specialize in a wide variety of installations.

Hands-on Experience

Each student works on a full Q-SYS workstation with the latest Q-SYS hardware and software

Advanced Application-based Curriculum

Topics include:  Public Address,  Teleconferencing Suite (Acoustic Echo Cancellation, Softphone, Proper Gain Staging) Third-Party Control, Advanced User Control Design, GPIO Integration, Networking Troubleshooting, Core-to-Core Control