“Advanced UCI” is a one-day course designed to give experienced programmers to tools they need to take their Q-SYS UCIs to the next level. This class will is split into two sections; UCI Back-End - using controls from the UCI Tool-Box, scripting with the UCI Controller, and creating UCIs with templating in mind; and UCI Front-End - learn about use of colour, images, typefaces and dynamic icons, and implement it all with CSS. Learn how to create CSS so that future changes become simple to implement across a large number of UCIs.

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Advanced UCI Creation in Q-SYS - In-Class DATE:March 6th, 2024 TIME:09:30am - 03:50pm LENGTH : One day LOCATION:Q-SYS UK
ADDRESS:Q-SYS House, Thorpe Lea Road, Egham, TW20 8BF
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