Time to apply the lessons learned from Q-SYS Training Level 1 directly to real world cinema scenarios! This live course is framed around building a modern cinema design that is ready to implement in real-world applications with the ability to modify as needed. These courses are intentionally kept very small to allow our training staff plenty of time for live Q&A and proof of concepts. The class concludes with a comprehensive exit exam drawn from real application scenarios.

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  • Build and understand all elements of a functional cinema Q-SYS design
  • Learn to modify the approved Q-SYS cinema template
  • Setup a hot-swappable amplifier scenario for quick replacement
  • Review a Dolby Atmos setup
  • Build a user control interface specifically for a multiplex theater


  • Voraussetzungen: Q-SYS Level 1 Zertifizierung
  • Dauer: 16 Stunden
  • Kosten: Gratis!


  • 8 (nach bestandener Abschlussprüfung)

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